David Barker attends the Hunts Bats League AGM

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I attended the Hunts Bats Cricket AGM on Wednesday before the meeting commenced the chairman paid a tribute to Josh Gilbert who dies recently sadly while playing rugby from a heart condition at the age of 25 his father Howard is the leagues vice chairman, Josh played cricket for Walsham Le Willows.

Only one disciplinary issue was dealt with during the season.

Clubs are at times short of players it was stated that a player under 16 can play for more than one club.

No clubs had withdrawn from the league and 5 had applied to join 4 from the Suffolk Alliance League and Acton to have a 2nd team.

There is no increase in the cost of cricket balls, I have ordered 6 boxes of 6 for our club and updated the details in the handbook.

It is important that captains ensure that result sheets are sent after games and we like other clubs had fines we or the league did not want.

A discussion took place on the structure of the league for 2018, the five clubs applying for membership Castle, Castle Hedingham Easton and Nacton each spoke in support of their applications all were accepted along with Acton 2nd team. All 5 new clubs will go into Division 5, There will be a 1st Division of 9 clubs and 4 Divisions of 10 clubs, the league is one short of its maximum.

Division 1 will be Bury St Edmunds, Acton, Battisford, Edwardstone, Long Melford, Mildenhall, Stowupland, Walsham Le Willows and Woolpit

Division 3 will be Bury St Edmunds, BSSSC, Earl Stonham, Hadleigh, Lakenheath, Milden, Hartest and Coldham, Rougham, Thurston, Worlington.

The League Officers were all re-elected.

Nominations are required for a league Child Welfare Officer to join the league committee as a link between clubs and the league.

There are only 3 slip weeks for most team and there will be a fixture meeting to arrange fixtures. If we have weeks when we cannot play we need to inform the league, we have said no home games in September or when Suffolk play their 3 day game against Norfolk on July 22nd.

Tim Parker was awarded the Les Francis Trophy for his outstanding work at Woolpit.

The leagues Dinner will be held at our club on February 23rd 2018 with the guest speaker Matthew Hoggard we must ensure at least one table.

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