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I attended the Two Counties League AGM last evening (Paul Whittaker attended representing the EAPL)

The chairman Norman Atkins opened the meeting and said the league was formed in 1970 and took in reserve teams in 1976 subsequently the EAPL was formed.

The chairman outlined the issue raised by Frinton Cricket Club over a player Blake reed who was ineligible to play under Home Office and ECB rules. Frinton took issue with the league by taking the case to the Crown Court and taking out an injunction against the 7 members of the leagues management committee, the league faced a possible bill of £30,000, the ECB provided the league with legal representation but the issue has caused great anxiety to the league management committee. The chairman also reported the Alison Heathcote had stood down as secretary and Alan Roger had stepped up but the league need an assistant secretary.

Sudbury were congratulated on winning the new format EAPL, Alan Rogers reported that 4,5000 player registrations had been conducted.

It was also reported that two EAPL players had received lengthy bans for comments on social media!

Under accounts the treasurer reported that the fall in the value of the £ resulted in higher costs of cricket balls made in Pakistan hence the makers had stopped their league sponsorship of £1,000.

The league have £8,000 in reserves. It was reported that Exning Cricket Club had amalgamated with Burwell and resigned from the Two Counties League but will continue in the Cambs League, this effects both Bury’s  2nd and 4th teams.

A report from the umpires panel said that the laws will change for 2018 with a larger rule book and new laws. It was stated it was the umpires and not the captains who decide if a pitch is playable. More games were covered by umpires in 2017. Andrew Blanchard reported that DBS is now online and results should come back in days and not weeks!

In the light of the Frinton saga two special resolutions were passed to seek a vote of confidence from the 62 member clubs.

1)      The Management Committee (i.e. the 62 clubs) agrees with the actions taken by the management committee ( the elected officers)in its dealings with Frinton on Sea regarding the breach of rule 13a

For 60 Against 0 Abstained 2

2)      The management committee expels Frinton on Sea from the Marshall Hatchick Two counties League Cricket Championship unless:

a)       Frinton on Sea agrees to abide by the decisions of the Management Sub-Committee, and any subsequent Appeals tribunal and not take legal action whatsoever and

b)      Frinton on Sea CC confirms its acceptance of these conditions in writing, to be signed by two officals of the club, to the Honorary Secretary of the Championship by Wednesday 25th October 2017.

For 58 Against 0 Abstained 4

Election of Officers took place with the present officers re-elected but an assistant secretary is required.

Applications for Membership were agreed for Ardleigh (Sunday only) Chapel & Wakes Colne, Earls Colne and Saxmundham.

The final structure of the league for 2018 is yet to be decided but Walsham Le Willows will replace Exning in Division 3. Nacton to go up to Division 4 St Osyth to Division 5.

Division 6 will be split into leagues north and south Bury 3rds in Division 6 south.

Burys 4th team will remain in Division 8 West.

I will attend the Ladies AGM and fixtures meeting on Monday October 30th at Ipswich CC.

League Dinner at Hintlesham Golf Club on Saturday November 11th.

Subs remain at £50.

Discussion on overseas players was deferred awaiting ECB guidelines.

Clubs were asked to ensure captains reports on umpires (6 fines issued)and scores are submitted (36 fines issued)

Umpiring and scorers courses are available for those interested.

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