Women's Cricket

Women’s Cricket 

Cricket is the fastest growing international women’s sport and the ladies of BSE CC are playing their part. The Bury St Edmunds Ladies’ team only started in 2011 so we are mostly pretty new to the game but we did extremely well and won out first silverware as the “St Edmundsbury Team of the Year 2011”. The success of the team has been built with a mixture of youth and experience of which commadre and team spirit play a big part. Since the formation of the team in 2011 they have won the T20 league twice in 2012 and 2015 and their lowest finish being 3rd in the league.



Ladies T20 Win Ladies Team Hudle  

Who plays?

Cricket is suitable for all ladies and senior girls of any age and any level of ability, fitness or experience. We have a range of players including mums, teenage daughters, over 30s, 40s and even an over 50; it really is inclusive. We play competitive league games in the Two Counties Ladies Challenge but we also play friendly games.


Do I need equipment?

Cricket is easy to learn and very much a fun, friendly sociable game on a sunny day. We provide all the equipment and can start you off with soft ball games to learn the basics. We do have one of the most gorgeous grounds in the county and enjoy our cricket teas on the lawn.


How do I get started?

Just turn up and give it a go, its as simple as that and we will do the rest. Our coaching runs from providing 1-2-1 training through to large and fun group fielding drills. The aim is to provide an environment for all to enjoy cricket and help grow the sport in the local community.


The ladies Honours:
2012 & 2015 - T20 League Winners
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