Policy on Changing and Showering Facilities

Purpose of the policy

Protection of children is a priority at BSECC and this policy deals with showering and changing facilities. In most cases, junior cricketers will change together whether at home or away matches. However, there will be times when children and adults have to share a changing facility (especially in Open Age cricket) and it is important for club members and parents to understand our approach to this.

In many locations, changing facilities are limited but the club has adopted the following policy to ensure that all club members and parents understand our approach to this area. Because we have no control over facilities at away games, we have adopted a best practice stance as follows.

Best Practices

  • Adults must not change or shower at the same time using the same facility as children
  • Adults should try to change at separate times to children during matches for example when children are padding up
  • If adults and children need to share a changing facility, the club must have consent from parents that their children can share a changing room with adults in the club (this is especially applicable where children qualify to play Open Age cricket)
  • Mixed gender teams must have access to separate male and female changing rooms
  • Mobile phones must not be used in changing rooms
  • Where adults and children share a changing facility, there must be two adults present at any one time
  • Where parents do not provide permission for the use of shared facilities, or if children are uncomfortable changing and showering at the club, then they should be encouraged to arrive ready to play and to shower and change at home. No pressure should be applied at any time     

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