Policy on Transporting Children


It is important for parents to understand the responsibilities involved where transporting children to and from matches and practice sessions is involved.

The Policy

  • Parents/carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child for all matches and training sessions
  • The club will make every attempt to notify parents/ carers of all fixtures prior to the beginning of the playing season
  • Coaches and club staff will be responsible for children in their care when on the club premises or on arrival at an opponent’s ground. However, it is not acceptable for parents/ carers to just drop their child off and automatically expect the club to be aware of the child’s presence
  • It is not the responsibility of the coach or team manager to transport, or arrange transport, the children to and from the club/ match
  • There may be occasions, most likely in Open Age cricket, where adults in the team will provide a lift to and from away matches. If a parent/ carer has indicated that they have read this policy on the junior registration form, then it is accepted that their permission has been given for their child to travel with an adult team member
  • The club expects any adult providing lifts to children in the same team to be aware of their responsibility        

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